About us

AntibodyChain has been dedicated to making a difference in Healthcare and Research since 2012.

We provide the highest quality lab chemicals to your laboratory at the best price.

We stand for the radical change in sourcing your Reagents, Biologicals and Chemicals!

AntibodyChain is a game-changing group of people excited to make a difference.

Despite the highly innovative project you are working on, the RBC market, as we know it today, is a traditional, fragmented and conservative market that does not allow transparency on the sourcing of Reagents, Biologicals and Chemicals. Many brokers and OEM sales, making finding the right source more time consuming and increasing RBC prices. We let you do more research faster and for less money. By doing this, we are actively contributing to better and more affordable healthcare.

AntibodyChain is changing the market by letting you compare almost all products on the market and giving you the freedom to choose who you source from globally by using one point of contact and one invoice.

We sell online through our webshop or connect to your institution's e-procurement system. We connect to SAP, Oracle and GHX as a vertical portal added to your e-procurement system. In this way, we reduce the number of suppliers for your procurement department, so they are satisfied too, while increasing the number of sources to find and procure your RBC needs, a big win for you. We offer you maximum choice at minimum effort.

Would you like to purchase from the other side of this planet? Ask us to add the products from the lab of your choice that has a specific reagent, biological or chemical reagent for your need. We handle all communication, order fulfillment, import/export paperwork and shipping for you, in addition to making arrangements for defective products and how to handle it to your satisfaction.

Our main goal is to purchase Reagents, Biological and Chemical substances and provide you with the best study materials at the best possible conditions.

Since 2020, we also have an application that allows you to comply with the rules of the procurement law while giving the end user the widest possible portfolio in RBC to choose from. The Smart Dynamic Procurement System, or S-DAS. You can find more information about this on our website

Two brothers, with a background in IT, started the idea for an antibody community in 2010. While building their community and actively growing their network, it became increasingly clear that there was a need for change. We, with the knowledge of IT and the network in Life Science saw the opportunities to make this global market for RBC more transparent, and together with researchers we created this unique portal for sourcing your products.

Every member of the team strives to give you the best experience, whether browsing our catalog, handling your order, or answering your product question.

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